The International Central Gospel Church – ICGC – is an Evangelical, Charismatic Christian Church. It was officially inaugurated as a church on the 26th of February 1984, in Accra, Ghana. The first meeting was held in a small classroom with an initial membership of just about twenty people.

From February 1984 to April 1986, the membership grew to about one hundred and eighty (180) adults in regular attendance. The early meetings of the church were held in several facilities which included  classrooms, a private residence, a public hall, a science laboratory, a mechanical workshop and a cinema theatre.

In May 1986, the church settled in a rented Norge scout hall – the Baden Powell Memorial Hall – which became its home for the next ten years. 

 During this ten-year period, the membership rose to over 4,000. This period also saw aggressive missionary church planting activities with local assemblies established in almost all the major towns and cities of Ghana. Several other churches were also planted in cities in Europe and the United States.

The first congregation which was established in February 1984, now designated as the Christ Temple Assembly, has directly planted over forty other churches out of the original congregation in the Accra - Tema metropolis of Ghana alone.

In 1988, the ICGC established a ministerial institute to train a new generation of leaders to carry out its vision. From the initial six-month certificate in ministry, the college has developed into the premier private-owned University in Ghana known as the Central University College.

Again in 1988, the church instituted an educational scholarship scheme, known as Central Aid, to finance the education of selected needy students in pre-tertiary educational institutions. This scheme is now considered the largest non-governmental scholarship programme for students in pre-tertiary education in Ghana.

The International Central Gospel Church is a socially conscious Christian church which upholds the philosophy of Human dignity and Excellence. It engages in promoting and staging events whose impact have reached to the depths of the Ghanaian society and brought Christ to the doorsteps of the people.

What Is ICGC All About?

Matthew 16:13–18 

Matthew 28:18–20 

1. Make disciples – individual believers committed to the teachings of Christ 

2. Build churches – community of believers making Christ known to the world

 Marks of a disciple

• Learns from Christ

• Led by the Holy Spirit

• Lives to please God 

• Leads people to Christ   

Marks of a Church 

• Teaching of doctrine

• Prayer and Worship  

• Christian Fellowship 

• Evangelizing the world 

Matthew 5:13-16 

• We bring leadership to our Generation

• We shape the vision of our Generation 

• We Influence our society with the Principles of the Kingdom of God 

Our Primary commitment - Acts 1:8 

To prepare the African to be a blessing to the world 

• Break the spirit of inferiority. 

• Cultivate a spirit of excellence 

• Play our role in God’s end-time agenda 

Our message - Romans 1:16 

• Salvation from Sin

• Acceptance for outcasts

• Strength for the weak

• Healing for the Body

• Liberty for the mind

• Freedom for the Oppressed

• Hope for the Future

• Prosperity for honest labour

• Dominion over the flesh

• Abundance of Life in Christ

Your Part in the Vision - Psalm 68:11 

• Commit your life  to Christ

• Live a Christ-Centered life

• Serve with your gifts and talents

• Pray for the church and its leaders

• Support the Church Financially 

|| History of ICGC Boston

The International Central Gospel Church Water of Life Temple started as a Covenant Family from the residence of the current assistant Pastor, in the year 2008 with initial membership of just about eight. The Fellowship was meeting on Sundays from 5:30 pm to 8:00pm. The focus by then was to pray for families, have bible discussions and share fellowship with one another.

Looking at the growth and the interest of winning souls all over Boston, the leadership then moved the church to a commercial building thus Marriott Hotel and Hampton Inn where the church was officially inaugurated in the month of June 2009. Minister Joseph Adjapong was chosen to serve as the leader  of the new Church. In February 2012, he was licensed to be the Resident Pastor of ICGC - Boston, the Water of Life Temple. On October 26th 2019, in Houston Texas, Pastor Agyapong was officially inducted and ordained as a Revered Minister of the gospel.

Whiles the Church was worshiping in different hotels around Framingham, most of the members were coming from far and near cities like Boston and its surrounding communities for church service, so the leadership decided to look for a permanent worship place for the Water of Life Temple  that will be in a central point and most importantly to spread the gospel to win more souls into the kingdom of God. Upon several searches over months, the leadership located our current worship place in West Roxbury, Boston in the year 2013. The church has since been worshiping in this building for the past nine years.

Water of Life Assembly  is a Charismatic Christian Church that emulates the teachings and principles of the mother church in Ghana, ICGC Christ Temple. Over the years, the Water of Life Temple has seen growth in its membership and in the collaboration with its sister Churches around the State of Massachusetts to continue to spread the gospel to people who are yet to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior. 

Church services at the Water of Life Temple are held on Sundays from 10:00am to 12noon and Prayer Meetings on Fridays from 7:00 to 8:30pm. Because we are a bible believing church and our mission is to win souls into the Kingdom of God, the church has put in place well-structured Convent Family groups to encourage fellowship and closer assistance among the members. It is at these cell meetings that we pray and support families with prayer needs and requests.

The International Central Gospel Church, Water of Life temple is a socially conscious Christian church which upholds the philosophy of Human Dignity and Excellence. It engages in promoting and staging events whose impact have reached to the depths of the Ghanaian society and brought Christ to the doorsteps of the people.